Fire Safety Word Scramble

OK, let's see how well you know fire safety! Unscramble the words above. Simply click and drag the letters into
their correct order.

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_________ are your friends! firefighters
Family ________ Plan escape
You should have two _____ from every room. exits
You should have a safe______ _______ on your escape plan. Meeting Place
batteries Change ______ in smoke detectors twice a year.
smoke detector Place a ______ ________ in every room
loud noise Smoke detectors make a ____ _______.
seconds It only takes 30 __________ for a flame to turn into an out-of-control fire.
practice __________ makes perfect.
stop drop roll If you catch on fire, _____ _____ and ______.
never ________ go back inside a burning building.
react fast _____ ______ if you hear a smoke alarm.